Wine, Oil & Honey

From our 1,3 hectare vineyard of Merlot and San Giovese grapes, tended to with lots of love and no chemicals, we produce a full-bodied, easy-drinking, organic red wine which we call Tiniatus: the Etruscan name for the god of the Amiata. During September guests are invited to actively join in the picking of the grapes. Or to relax, glass of Tiniatus in hand, and observe the age-old tradition of the grape harvest unfold.

We can also help arrange special outings including wine tastings and tours throughout the Tuscan wine areas.

Olio nuovo is much prized in Tuscany, and with good reason: the smooth, peppery taste of a newly pressed olive oil is hard to beat. Our gently sloping olive grove provides a perfect setting for an autumnal picnic of freshly baked bread, pecorino and ricotta from the local caseificio, and liberal doses of our freshly pressed organic olive oil.